The seas and oceans play a fundamental role in climate regulation and in the biogeochemical cycles of our planet, and are the habitat of a high diversity of organisms, many of them, in particular regarding microbial groups like bacteria, archaea and protists, still unknown. As recognised by documents like the EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive, marine resources represent a significant contribution to economic prosperity and social welfare and it is therefore fundamental to ensure a good environmental state of the marine ecosystems. This aim requires a scientific study of the structure and functioning of these ecosystems and the obtention of long term series of measures in order to contrast hypotheses and detect possible changes.

The Group of Mediterranean Oceanography (Grup d’Oceanografia Mediterrània) was established in 1993 and centres its research activity on the multidisciplinary study of marine systems, including not only ecological aspects, with emphasis in the autotrophic components of the microbial plankton, but also socio-economic ones, within the framework of a “systems approach” to the management of human activities. Our work centres in the Northwestern Mediterranean, but without excluding other regions.

Latests publications

Gallisai, R., Peters, P., Volpe, G., Basart, S., Baldasano, J.M. 2014. Saharan Dust Deposition May Affect Phytoplankton Growth in the Mediterranean Sea at Ecological Time Scales. PLoS ONE. 9, e110762. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0110762.

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