In accordance with the general lines of research of the group, the specific objectives for the period 2014-2016 are the following:

  1. Interdisciplinary study of the structure and function of the planctonic ecosystem
    1. Mechanisms of fertilisation. The role of deep mixing and of atmospheric aerosols
    2. Study of the relationships between environmental variability, functional types of phytoplankton and biological production in coastal ecosystems
    3. Identification of the mechanisms underlying the structure of phytoplankton communities
  2. Oceanography of harmful algal blooms (HABs)
    1. Ecophysiology of HABs
    2. Exploration of methods to characterise the physiological state and the viability of marine phytoplankton taxa in order to check the efficacy of ballast water treatments
    3. Study of the importance of anthropogenic forcing regarding the ecology and physiology of the bentic dinoflagellate Ostreopsis and evaluation of the risks associated to its proliferations (requested project).
  3. Anthropogenic impacts in the marine environment. Socio-economic aspects and ways of mitigation
  4. Contribution to the dissemination and outreach of oceanographic research